Apple will update iOS to block bad soft

For months, police across the country have been using a device called a GrayKey to unlock dormant iPhones, using an undisclosed technique to sidestep Apple’s default disk encryption. The devices are currently in use in at least five states and five federal agencies, seen as a breakthrough in collecting evidence from encrypted devices.

But according to a new Reuters report, Apple is planning to release a new feature to iOS that would make those devices useless in the majority of cases, potentially sparking a return to the encryption standoff between law enforcement and device manufacturers.

Under the new feature, iPhones will cut off all communication through the USB port if they have not been unlocked in the past hour. Once the hour expires, the USB port can only be used to charge the device. The result will give police an extremely short window of time to deploy GrayKey devices successfully.

Sony raises monthly cost of PlayStation Vue by $5 for all plans

Sony is raising the cost of its over-the-top, pay-TV service PlayStation Vue by $5 a month for all four tiers of customers, the company announced today in a blog post. Sony does not give a concrete explanation for the price increase, other than to attribute it to “rising business costs.” PlayStation Vue’s cheapest plan, called Access, will now cost $44.99, instead of $39.99, a month, while its most expensive Ultra package will now cost $84.99. Sony removed its cheapest Slim package last July.

Tesla closes a dozen solar installation centers as part of recent layoffs

Tesla will close “about a dozen” solar installation facilities around the country as part of its recent layoffs, according to Reuters. Installation centers in California, Maryland, New Jersey, Texas, New York, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Arizona, and Delaware will be shuttered. Workers will be laid off or reassigned to other sites. About 60 similar facilities will remain open.